How to Install PHP Script in cPanel

cPanel LogocPanel is part of web hosting, which gives you incredible features for your web hosting. Control Panel is a potent tool for hosting. There we can host site and manage the domain, database, web files, and more things. Many web hosting company provides this cPanel to host websites of clients.


Now, How to Install PHP Script in cPanel with Database config.php Connectivity. Follow this whole step to complete your PHP Script installation manually.

First How to Import Your SQL Database to cPanel Database, Follow this step:


1. Login your cPanel Account

Login your cPanel account or Hosting Panel.


2. Click on MySQL Databases


After Login Successfully, you need to create a database from storing all information to your database.


3. Give Database name and Click Create


Give the database name which you want to give. And click on create. Now your database has been created successfully.


4. Go to Back Click on phpMyAdmin


Creating the database successfully, go back to cPanel home. And click on phpMyAdmin.


5. Select Your Database from Sidebar


After login successfully to phpMyAdmin, find your database from the sidebar and click on it.


6. Click on Import from Header

After selecting the database click on Import from the top section.


7. Select Your SQL zip File and Click Go


After Clicking on Go, Your database will installed in your hosting database.

Now, How to Upload your File and Configuration Database Connectivity with config.php


8. Go cPanel Home and Click File Manager


Now go back to cPanel Home and Click on File Manager to Upload your Files.


9. Select Your Domain Sidebar or public_html


After Open File Manager, find your domain from the sidebar if you are using addon domain. Otherwise, click on public_html for main domain of hosting.


10. Upload Your All Files to Host

Upload your all files to your currently selected folder.


11. Right Click on config.php and Click Edit


After Uploaded Successfully, Right Click on config.php and Click Edit.


And edit host, username, password, and database name with your cPanel host, username, password and database name which you created currently.


12. And Click Save

Now your PHP Script has been installed successfully.


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Rohit Chouhan February 17, 2019 4 Comments